Carol Pflughoeft | digital artist
Melding mathematics, photography, and imagination

My digital art consists of original fractal designs, created with Ultra Fractal software, combined with original photography.

This series began with my discovery of the delightful world of fractal patterns. Their stunning beauty, intriguing shapes, unusual textures, and repeating patterns fascinated me.

Curious to see what more I could do with the images – and because I’ve always loved working with Photoshop – I began combining layers of my fractals with layers of my photography.

Not only did I like the look better, I also enjoyed the expanded process more.

The process is time-consuming and complicated but serves as a good teacher and reminder to me of these things daily:

•   Beauty and order underlie the universe

•   Everything is interconnected

•   Patience is a virtue

•  You always have the power to make a                     different decision

Creating my digital images brings me great joy, which I hope is passed along to all who view them.


Digital art that combines original fractal designs with original photography

All images copyright © 2009-2017 Carol Pflughoeft. All rights reserved.

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